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Building Systems

Moelven Building systems consists of the Glulam, Building Module and Building Furnishing.

The companies in the Building systems division supply flexible system solutions for interior walls, modular buildings and load-bearing glulam structures for project and contracting clients, primarily in Norway and Sweden but also in Denmark for part of the range.

In the housing market, Moelven' greatest strength is the short construction time, which is halved in comparison to traditional site construction. “We have great potential to capture market shares. But in 2014 the main focus is on creating profitable growth,” says Division Manager Marcus Johansson of Building Systems. Click to view video

The division is putting in a strong effort to further develop the concept and system along with customers and experts on architecture, design and construction. Several of the division's products and system solutions are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional materials and solutions.
Both Glulam, Modular buildings and Interior solutions are market leaders in Sweden and Norway. 


Moelven is the leading producer of glulam in Norway and Sweden and has two factories Norway and one in Sweden. In addition to standard structures, we are to a greater extent supplying custom-made structures for various purposes. Our customers are found in the project market and among building product retailers, primarily in Scandinavia and England.

Glulam is an alternative to concrete and steel in load-bearing structures in most types of buildings. The advantage of using glulam in load-bearing structures is that it has good stability and high strength relative to weight and volume. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material that may be completely recycled. Glulam is available in a large number of standard dimensions.

Glulam from Moelven has been used for a number of wooden bridges in Norway and Sweden over the past decade, and glulam in load-bearing structures has also characterized a number of signature buildings in recent years.

Modular buildings

Moelven is Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of modular buildings. Production takes place indoors in four factories in Sweden and one in Norway. We produce module-based buildings for office and service purposes, building and construction, hotels, schools and kindergartens, as well as modules for prefabricated flats where the modules are supplied ready for assembly at the building site.

Customers range from public and private principals, contractors, housing development companies and businesses involved in leasing temporary buildings.
Modules are used both for temporary and permanent structures. When required, the modules can easily and at a reasonable cost be dismantled and moved. Production takes place indoors under ideal conditions. When building using modules, the workforce requirement at the building site is reduced and a short building time is achieved with better control of the building process. 

Interior solutions

Moelven Modus is the leading Nordic producer and supplier of flexible interior solutions for commercial buildings. The company has for many years developed efficient and modern system products to provide customers with superior, cost-effective workplaces. Customer requirements determine the services and products needed to create the complete interior solution for each project.
Our clients are public and private building owners, managers and users of commercial buildings and building contractors and architects.

Our interiors are customised, can easily be moved and reused and are delivered ready to install, resulting in shorter assembly times. Our system solutions are cost-effective alternatives to traditional site-built walls in office buildings, and our production process guarantees high quality. Our customers only need to communicate with one partner, from requirements analysis to final installation.

Moelven Modus has about 440 employees and 18 local offices in Norway and Sweden. Each office is in charge of sales, project management and installation in its district. The production units are in Jessheim in Norway and Kumla and Hulån in Sweden. Our headquarters is in Jessheim in Norway, and deals with functions such as marketing, finance, IT, human resources, procurement, product development, quality, HSE and logistics. Örebro in Sweden also covers finance, human resources and procurement.


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