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Moelven in a nutshell

Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group that produces building materials and systems for the construction industry.

From sawn timber from local spruce and pine for further processing in other sectors, to cladding, structural timber and interior products of many types. We also produce large structures in glulam, entire building modules and flexible office furnishing solutions. Moelven's product and service aspects have a broad range and make us one of the leading players in the sector. 

Moelven supplies products and solutions people have always needed, in constantly more ways. Homes and offices change over time, in time with the changes in our demands for good rooms. Today more and more processed products are in demand, and in the future the extent of fabrication in what we supply will increase further. In this way Moelven contributes to industrialize, rationalize and develop the building process. In short: We help our customers become better, and at the same time challenge traditional in situ building.  

Moelven's ambition is to be the company with the human face. We build relations over time and take good care of our good customers, while at the same time are very concerned with and interested in our employees. 

Moelven strives to provide a workplace that is safe and good, but also challenging. We not only develop products and services – we also provide opportunities to people who want to grow in new directions. 

What is Moelven, in a nutshell? Moelven is an enterprise that for more than 100 years has supplied socially beneficial products and services through honest work, in a responsible and timely manner.  Produces at 50 locations and employs 3,400 people. Is at the forefront, uses opportunities and will without a doubt exist for another 100 years. At least.