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Office landscape

An office landscape with plenty of space between work places and with optimal sound conditions – high quality room acoustics and echo reduction measures are absolute requirements – is a well-designed work environment.

This type of setting offers both open and closed work spaces and rooms for working on your own or having impulsive, spontaneous meetings. A critical advantage is the ability to rearrange the space with minimal effort when changes need to be made.

Room for meetings

The rooms used for meetings and conferences must fill various needs. They shall represent the company to visiting guests, invite to and inspire creative and enriching discussions and they must also allow for private and uninterrupted conversations.

Room for projects

Many organisations need to group employees working on the same projects in a common area for a certain period of time. Module-based interior systems provide both flexibility and short rebuilding time.

Room for conversation

An office environment needs a range of meeting places. A conversation room has a clear role when smaller groups need to talk undisturbed. A well-designed conversation room should be located easily accessible in the office area, but the room must also provide a certain degree of privacy.

Room for relaxation

A workplace also needs areas for social interaction and breaks, where you can go for short breaks, for recreation or just simply for some small talk. Good sound insulation in the ceiling, walls and doors are important considerations when designing these types of rooms