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Modular buildings

Moelven ByggModul in Norway and Sweden builds exciting, aesthetically attractive, effective and environmentally sound buildings at reasonable cost. We are market leaders in Scandinavia and we are a reliable partner.

Many good reasons for building with modules

Turnkey building elements produced in-house using an industrial process under controlled conditions means high quality, flexibility and short delivery times, with controlled economy. The modular technology is being developed continuously, and interest and awareness among architects is growing. Modular construction is becoming an attractive alternative in more and more areas, and is necessary in order to cope with future needs for homes, offices and service buildings.

Flexibility when new needs arise

The needs for schools, nursing homes and offices can change within a short time. The modular technique makes it possible to dismantle and move buildings to other locations where the need is greater. Mobility prolongs the service life of the property and gives the building a trade-in value.

Our project managers take responsibility from start to finish

Working with Moelven ByggModul means the client can place responsibility in the hands of a single contact person. A knowledgeable and experienced project manager takes responsibility from start to finish. Parallel tasks ensure that production is efficient and results in time gains, thus lowering costs. Our controls enable us to deliver what we have promised, on time and at the agreed price.

Problem solvers for new premises

Our design engineers are happy to take on the role of problem solvers and can find neat, practical solutions for the connection between old and new buildings. If the desire is to build from scratch, the possibilities are in fact limitless. The client is always the final decision maker.


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